SSRS will be Speaking and Exhibiting at the 2024 Event

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Quality quest: Navigating the challenges of opt-in samples through hybrid solutions

In the dynamic landscape of consumer research, the reliance on opt-in panels introduces myriad challenges, from inattentive respondents to the lurking presence of bots. Despite growing concerns regarding sample quality, the use of opt-in panels prevails, driven by their exceptional cost-effectiveness and swift turnaround. We must confront the pressing issue of sample quality, where the convenience of opt-in panels clashes with increasing concerns of representativeness.

Enter the innovative solution: hybrid methods. Picture a strategic fusion of a meticulously selected, scientifically grounded sample with the expansive but unpredictable world of opt-ins. Armed with advanced calibration techniques, this approach can help rectify biases and elevate the reliability of insights derived from potential opt-in deficits. We will provide case studies that illuminate how a hybrid methodology, anchored in a probability-based panel and calibrated precision, provides greater confidence in derived insights, all while keeping budgetary constraints in check.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover when and why online opt-in panel samples might not give you the full picture in consumer research.
  2. Find out how to leverage a probability sample for a more complete story, while continuing to access the size and affordability of opt-in panels.
  3. Learn about the benefits of using blended calibration – a solution to extend your insights beyond opt-in sample, giving you a clearer and more precise view of your customer.