Robyn Rapoport

Executive Vice President – Health Care, Public Policy, & International Research

Robyn Rapoport is passionate about conducting high quality, meaningful, social science research and has more than twenty years of research experience focused on healthcare, public policy, and social impact initiatives.

At SSRS, Robyn is responsible for health & public policy research projects that inform the public and guide policy decisions.  Robyn directs research projects on behalf of policy institutes, foundations, media organizations, state departments of public health, and academic and financial services institutions.  A frequent presenter on best practices at leading industry conferences, Robyn also develops and reviews public-facing client content, including articles published in news media and submissions for peer-reviewed journals.

Robyn is actively involved in the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) where she currently serves on the Education and Public Opinion Committees. She is a Past President of PANJAAPOR, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey chapter of AAPOR.

Since joining SSRS in 2008, Robyn has managed several large-scale, international studies of health care and health policy; data from these studies have been published in The Lancet and Health Affairs journals. She has also designed and overseen numerous mixed- and multi-method studies.

Before coming to SSRS, Robyn worked as a Project Manager at National Analysts Worldwide. Robyn completed her Ph.D. coursework and received an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her BA in Religion from Amherst College.

Fun Fact

Robyn brings her passion for research to her favorite pastime – traveling with her family!  In the weeks and months before she goes on vacation, she finds time to research each destination and figure out the best places to visit.