Most Jews Approve of Biden Leadership: Findings from the latest AJC Survey conducted by SSRS

More than four months after President Biden’s inauguration, majorities of American Jews give him high marks for his performance as president, and his handling of U.S-Israel relations and the threat of antisemitism, according to a new national survey by the nonpartisan American Jewish Committee (AJC).
As with previous AJC surveys of U.S. Jews, there are clear divisions of opinion between self-identified Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews.
The questions on U.S. political issues, U.S-Israel relations, and the peace process are part of a larger survey that will be released later this month.
In the 2020 elections, 68% of the Jewish electorate report they voted for Biden, 21% for Trump, 4% for another candidate, and 5% did not vote. According to the new AJC survey, 12% of Orthodox, 61% of Conservative, 80% of Reform, 99% of Reconstructionist, 86% of Secular, and 71% of non-specified denomination voted for Biden. Distinctions between Orthodox and non-Orthodox views of how President Biden is handling a number of issues are consistent.