New APM Research Lab / America Amplified Survey – Data Collection Conducted by SSRS

Our nonpartisan, nationally representative survey, conducted in collaboration with the new public media initiative America Amplified — Election 2020, provides new information about the American public’s opinions about U.S. immigration policy.

The survey was conducted Dec. 10 to 15, 2019, and it included two key questions: what Americans think about immigration to the United States on the whole, and what they think about immigration to their local communities.

Americans’ views on national immigration policy are related to their political affiliations and their proximity to immigrant communities

A plurality—more than 40%—of Americans think the United States admits the correct number of immigrants into the country. However, between the remaining groups who either want to see more immigration or less immigration, people are evenly split: A quarter of Americans thinks the U.S. lets in too many immigrants, while another quarter thinks the country should allow more immigration.