Harris County residents more likely to suffer financially during COVID-19 than other areas of Texas

Episcopal Health Foundation Survey Conducted by SSRS

A majority of people who live in Harris County say they’ve suffered financial troubles during COVID-19 and almost half say they or someone in their household has lost a job, lost a business, or had their wages or hours reduced.
Those are just some of the findings from Episcopal Health Foundation’s survey of the impacts of COVID-19 in Harris County that was co-sponsored by Arnold Ventures.
Researchers found that people in Harris County were more likely to suffer financial hardships than those living in other areas of Texas. The survey finds that 60% of Harris County residents say they experienced financial hardship and 44% say they lost household income due to COVID-19. That’s compared to statewide survey results that show around half (48%) of all Texans reported financial difficulty and 36% say they lost household income.