Moon landing is still a source of pride

Data collection was conducted on behalf of CBS News by SSRS

Apollo 11’s mission still inspires optimism: eight in ten Americans say it represents the kind of achievement the U.S. is likely to achieve again someday. For many, it still towers over other events that have come in the ensuing fifty years. Most over age 65, and a plurality of all Americans, feel no event has evoked as much national pride since.
Looking ahead, a large majority favor sending astronauts back to the moon – and that’s especially the view among younger Americans who were not around to see the first landing. And most of those who say they favor another mission to the moon – especially younger Americans – also say it’s important to send a woman astronaut when we do.
Forty-five percent of Americans say there has been no national event since that brought as much pride in the U.S. as the moon landing did, while 34% say there has been another.