Most Americans lack confidence that the results of US elections reflect the will of the people, a sentiment that has grown steadily since January 2021, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

And about half of Americans, 48%, say they think it is at least somewhat likely that in the next few years, some elected officials will successfully overturn the results of a US election because their party did not win.

Follow-up interviews with people who participated in the poll suggest that the driving factors behind Republicans’ and Democrats’ views on elections are near-opposite. But there is a common thread: Concern.

When asked her outlook on the future of American democracy, Patricia Reasoner, an 83-year-old independent from Vermont, said, “I’m concerned because we came so close this time and we’re not putting enough controls in place to keep it from happening again so far. And if it happens again, I’m afraid it will topple us.”