Americans’ views of President Joe Biden have rebounded slightly from their dismal outlook over the summer, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. But public assessment of the economy remains grim, and Americans remain largely unconvinced that Biden, Congress or the government as a whole are meaningfully addressing major issues facing the country.

Biden’s overall job approval rating has recovered modestly from its worst summer doldrums: 44% of US adults approve, up from 38% in CNN’s June and July polling. Biden’s ratings have risen 9 percentage points among Democrats and 8 points among independents since that previous poll, with the President’s image also seeing particularly marked improvement among Black Americans (up 17 points) and adults younger than age 45 (11 points). Enthusiasm about Biden’s presidency, however, remains scarce, with around 15% of the public strongly approving of his overall job performance. By contrast, roughly 4 in 10 strongly disapprove.