Most say government is doing too little to fix inflation and the supply chain

New CNN Politics Poll Conducted by SSRS

Americans’ impressions of the nation’s economy remain gloomy and broad majorities think the federal government has done too little to try to solve problems with the nation’s supply chain and rising inflation, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.
All told, three-quarters say they are worried about the state of the economy in their own community (75%) and 63% say the nation’s economy is in poor shape. Nearly 6 in 10 (57%) say that the economic news they’ve heard lately has been mostly bad, with just 19% saying they are hearing mostly good news about the economy right now
Asked to rate the severity of seven issues affecting the economy recently, about 8 in 10 say the rising cost of food and other everyday items (80%), the disruption in the nation’s supply chain (79%), and the rising cost of housing (77%) are major problems for the nation’s economy. Seventy percent see the rising cost of gas as a major problem, and 67% each say labor shortages and government spending are major issues. A similar 65% call the coronavirus pandemic a major problem for the country’s economy.