Nearly one in two (42%) small business owners report they do not use technology to its full capacity, thereby missing opportunities to improve productivity and operational efficiencies. Thirteen percent stated “we do not use any technology in my business on a weekly basis,” according to a study of nearly 300 U.S. small business owners by Oasis, a leading HR solutions firm.

One in 10 (10%) said they “limit the use of it because they are just busy getting the job done each day.” Nearly one-third (31%) “try to utilize it but know that there are some gaps in knowledge as to how it can be used most effectively.” This was most prevalent with businesses employing 20 or more people (32%) and with 10 or fewer years in operation (33%). If small business owners and managers do use technology, it’s mainly for websites (59%), cloud-based solutions (40%) and for mobile apps (28%).