Washington Post Poll Finds More Americans Support a TikTok Ban than Oppose One

SSRS conducted sampling, interviewing and tabulation for the survey. The survey was conducted online among a sample from the SSRS Opinion Panel.

As D.C. pushes for greater action against TikTok, a Washington Post poll finds more support than oppose banning the app

More Americans back a TikTok ban than oppose one, with a majority expressing concerns over the company’s links to China, underscoring that distrust of the foreign-owned app has spread beyond Washington, even as its domestic user base soars.

A Washington Post poll finds that 41 percent of Americans support a federal ban of the popular short-video app, while 25 percent say they oppose it. And 71 percent are concerned that TikTok’s parent company is based in China, including 36 percent who say they are “very concerned.”

But the poll shows sharp divisions between generations, political parties and people who actually use the app. A small majority of people who did not use TikTok in the past month support banning the app, while an identical majority of daily TikTok users oppose it.