Entering the field of public opinion research was not a deliberate choice initially; rather, I stumbled into it unexpectedly, eventually finding my niche through diverse roles that allowed me to appreciate the nuances of the industry. My journey has been a blend of unexpected opportunities and intentional choices that have shaped my passion for public opinion research.

One particular accomplishment that fills me with pride is my recent work in elevating black and brown voices and addressing bias in research. Overcoming obstacles that black female professionals often encounter, I am channeling my efforts into fostering inclusivity and diversity within the field. Through my involvement in developing the Black and African American Public Opinion Research Affinity Group alongside co-chair, Shakari Byerly of EVITARUS, Inc., I anticipate that our efforts will aid in mitigating bias in research, increasing the number of black professionals in the industry and amplifying underrepresented perspectives. It is a testament to the resilience required in this industry, and I am proud to play a role in driving positive change.

Reflecting on my experiences, my advice to other women aspiring to excel in this field, especially black female professionals, is to remain true to their authentic selves. Confront bias and microaggressions with resilience, using these challenges as fuel to distinguish oneself and achieve notable accomplishments. I attribute much of my professional growth to the guidance of mentors, particularly Nancy Kolkebeck formerly of JRA, J. Reckner Associates, Inc., whose advice and support during the early stages of my career significantly influenced my development as a professional in the public opinion research field.