A new Marquette Law School Poll survey of Wisconsin finds Republican former President Donald Trump supported by 51% of registered voters and Democratic President Joe Biden by 49%. Among likely voters also, Trump is the choice of 51% and Biden of 49%.

In the U.S. Senate race, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin is supported by 52% and Republican challenger Eric Hovde by 47% among registered voters. Among likely voters, the race is a tie, with 50% for both Baldwin and Hovde. These results include initially undecided voters who are then asked which candidate they would pick if they had to decide. The initial question, including undecided voters, produces slightly different results, with Baldwin at 44%, Hovde at 37%, and undecided at 18% among registered voters. Among likely voters, Baldwin was favored by 45%, Hovde by 41%, and 15% were initially undecided.