Trump’s case of coronavirus changed the conversation

The Breakthrough CNN Poll Conducted by SSRS

Coronavirus remains the most prominent thing Americans have seen, read or heard about President Donald Trump, but the details and the tone of what they have heard about it have shifted following Trump’s own case of the virus.

All told, roughly 40% of respondents mentioned something related to coronavirus, which has raged throughout the US for nearly eight months, when asked what they had heard about the President recently. That was a decline compared with last week, but about on par with the share of mentions the topic received in the week Trump received his diagnosis, and well above most prior weeks in the project.
That finding comes from The Breakthrough, a survey from CNN, SSRS, the University of Michigan and Georgetown University tracking Americans’ recall of news about each of the presidential candidates.
The results show the net sentiment associated with news about Trump shifted this week, rising into positive territory for the first time since July.