SSRS Public Opinion Research

Fast-paced, Customized Data Collection and Delivery

From one-night “blitz” polls to highly-complex studies of rare populations, SSRS takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics, policy, attitudes and experiences.

Research partners such as the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Harvard School of Public Health, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Urban Institute, as well as leading news media outlets such as CBS News and The New York Times rely on SSRS to help them measure and report Americans’ attitudes, experiences, and behaviors.

Quick Turnaround

Our team is always on-call for fast-paced data collection and delivery. Our experience has taught us to get in and out of the field within hours, while maintaining data integrity and quality control.  Our researchers have logged many hours of overnight data processing and checking.

Hard to Reach Populations

SSRS has expertise in interviewing highly-sought, hard-to-reach populations including Veterans, the long-term unemployed, college students, the uninsured, smokers, and frequent travelers.  Our sample designs allow us to reach representative samples of unique populations.

Studies of Specialists

Are pharmacists ready to dispense medicine in a national emergency? How does the healthcare law affect health insurance brokers? SSRS has interviewed a variety of specialists, providing insight for our research partners as they measure public opinion and policy implications.

Multiple Modalities

SSRS employs a host of sampling and data collection approaches to reach populations of interest. This includes overlapping RDD designs, Address Based Sampling (ABS), in-person interviews, online surveys, or hardcopy mail questionnaires. Studies also can also be fielded on our new SSRS Probability Panel.

Ethnic and Religious Groups

We have a reputation for studies on a variety of ethnic and religious groups. SSRS has been keeping pace with the rising influence of Latinos in America, and have done studies focused on Asian and Native Americans.  SSRS can also provide insight into religious groups such as Jewish Americans, Catholics and Mormons.

Methodological Rigor

Turn to us for research that meets the standards applied by state governments and top-tier journals. Public policy research requires an extended field period, multiple call-attempts, and persistent refusal conversion efforts. We have a long list of studies meeting stringent rules and adhering to the best practices of survey research.

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