Glen Mills, PA – November 13, 2023 – SSRS, the full-service public opinion and research firm that is redefining research to impact positive change, announced today that Mickey Jackson has been promoted to Vice President of Data Science and Innovation.

Mickey becomes the lead methodologist for the SSRS Opinion Panel in this role, collaborating with the Panel team to enhance the methodological rigor of the panel. He will continue to direct research and development initiatives within the SSRS Methods and Data Science (MADS) team.

Since joining SSRS in 2021, Mickey has made an incredible impact. He pioneered SSRS Encipher, a suite of calibration services that is turning heads in the industry and developed advanced tools for address-based sampling (ABS), greatly improving how SSRS designs studies utilizing that strategy. Mickey played a key role in launching the advanced SSRS approach to state-level election polling, enhancing the precision of the organization’s high-profile polls through new sampling and weighting methods. He also developed a targeted recruitment design for the SSRS Opinion Panel, allowing SSRS to engage with previously underrepresented subgroups.

“Mickey has made significant contributions in the three years he has been with SSRS. His collaborative, compassionate, and innovative approach has been an invaluable asset to the MADS team, and he has helped position SSRS as an industry leader in hybrid and nonprobability weighting techniques,” SSRS president, Melissa Herrmann, commented.
Mickey has worked with CNN, the University of California – Los Angeles, federal statistical agencies, and numerous other clients to transition large-scale, high-profile data collections to new methodologies. He is an active member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), serving on the Standards Committee and contributing extensively to the recent AAPOR task force report on data quality in online samples. He has published multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and is a frequent presenter at methodological conferences.

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