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Collecting the highest quality data using advanced methodologies and new technologies

Methodological Rigor

Providing custom capabilities that tailor to unique client requests

Personalized Research

SSRS is a full-service survey and market research firm, managed by dedicated professionals with advanced degrees in the social sciences.

Our Services

We provide the complete set of analytical, administrative and management capabilities needed for successful project execution.

Omnibus Surveys

The SSRS Omnibus, Millennial Omnibus, Small Business Omnibus, and Teen Omnibus

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Online Solutions

We manage data from various opt-in panels using advanced weighting, calibration, and more

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Public Opinion Research

SSRS takes the pulse of public opinion as it relates to politics, policy, attitudes and experiences

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Probability Panel

A random sample of the U.S. population recruited from a high-quality probability sampling frame

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International Research

We have conducted research across the world, including most European countries and Asia

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Health Policy Research

SSRS is a preferred partner of organizations working to improve public health policy

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Multicultural Research

SSRS has conducted groundbreaking studies of ethnic populations for major media outlets

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Religious Research

We work with numerous leading researchers in the areas of religion and faith

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Sports & Leisure

SSRS has partnered with entertainment leaders and experts in sports and leisure behavior

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Our Team

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We recently moved into a new office!  Take a look at pictures of our new building, learn about our inspiration, and see all the features of the new space!

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About SSRS

We strive to refine the research process by innovating methodologies, optimizing sample designs, improving questionnaires and finding ways to reach low incidence populations.

  • Passion

    We are a team of critical thinkers that gets excited about the inherent problem-solving involved in survey based research.

  • Dedication

    Our team of multi-disciplinary researchers and Account Executives works collaboratively with clients to maximize quality and provide superior service.

  • Innovation

    Our methodological rigor meets mixed modality while offering personalized and cost-efficient data collection services.

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Why is customer satisfaction and loyalty research so important? One word: Revenue. Customer satisfaction and loyalty research is so powerful primarily because it enables companies to communicate directly with customers about their needs.

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Do Address-based Samples offer potential for the best sample coverage of small geographic areas and excellent ability to target small areas with distinct socioeconomic characteristics?

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At the current pace, it seems like the future of telephone survey research will not include landline telephones. What criteria are there to make the decision to remove landlines in telephone surveys entirely? And how close are we to this becoming common practice?

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Best practices in conducting high quality research for this critical audience.  Hispanics, one of the largest growing population segments in the United States, present special challenges to survey researchers.

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