What Do Likely Voters Think About Their Health Care?

New NBC News/Commonwealth Fund Health Care Poll Conducted by SSRS

In next week’s Super Tuesday primaries, voters in 14 states and American Samoa will cast their ballots for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees. Health care has emerged as one of the top issues in the 2020 election, at times dominating the Democratic presidential debates.
NBC News and the Commonwealth Fund recently took the health care pulse of U.S. adults. Between January 28 and February 16, the survey firm SSRS polled 2,303 people age 18 and older, including 1,594 likely voters. We asked about their concerns regarding health care and their confidence in President Trump or the Democratic presidential candidates to help fix what’s ailing the U.S. health system. Here’s what the poll found about the views of Americans who say they’re likely to vote this November.