SSRS Omnibus Survey

The SSRS Omnibus Survey is a national, weekly, dual-frame bilingual telephone survey designed to meet standards of quality associated with custom research studies

The SSRS Omnibus Survey is a cost-effective way to collect data from a nationally-representative random sample.

The Omnibus approach enables clients to share survey costs by combining their questions with other clients’ questions while maintaining exclusivity in their subject area.


  • Each weekly Omnibus Survey wave consists of 1,000 interviews
  • The Omnibus starts every Tuesday of each week, but often times we run multiple Omnibus Surveys per week since demand for the product has grown tremendously
  • We ensure coverage of the growing share of the population that does not answer landline telephones by completing 800 interviews via cell phone each week
  • Interviews in Spanish – a minimum of 35 – allow the sample to better represent the Hispanic population
  • All SSRS Omnibus Survey data are weighted to represent the target population in the US
  • Regular partners include major media outlets, leading universities, PR firms, Fortune 500 companies, health care providers and non-profit organizations

Our Methodology

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Our Data

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All clients receive full demographic information for all completed interviews including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Race
  • Geographic information
  • Income level
  • Home ownership/composition
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Party identification
  • Political ideology
  • Religion
  • And more…

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